Critical Race Theory Has Infiltrated Mississippi Classrooms

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
October 6, 2021

Critical race theory is a deeply divisive ideology that threatens to tear America apart. It demands that we stop seeing fellow Americans as individuals, and instead regard them in terms of racial identity. It is a rejection of the principle that all of us are created equally.

While lots has been said about critical race theory in more progressive parts of America, it is often assumed that in supposedly conservative states like Mississippi, this extremist agenda does not exist.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. This Marxist-like ideology is being taught in Mississippi’s educational system.

According to our report, Combating Critical Race Theory in Mississippi, the Mississippi Department of Education suggests teachers make use of professional development programs provided by organizations such as the Zinn Education Project and Facing Ourselves & History. Both these organizations promote radical ideas associated with Critical Race Theory. The Zinn Project even advocates for the abolition of Columbus Day and for the payment of reparations for African Americans.

Critical race theory is even more explicitly promoted at college level. Universities in our state are not only administered in accordance with critical race theory, but it also impacts what students are taught. 

Mississippi State’s English Department website refers to “systemic racism” perpetuating “white supremacy” in America. It demands “structural change” to achieve “racial justice.”[1] The department goes on to explain how it has “begun re-envisioning our curriculum to address its emphasis on white authors and literary traditions” and how it is responding to the fact that the “demographics and dynamics” of the department are those of a “Predominantly White Institution (PWI).”

The University of Mississippi’s Department of Writing and Rhetoric teaches courses that explore “how whiteness is constructed.” There, students analyze “whiteness as it has evolved over time” and consider the relationship between white identity and “white nationalism, white supremacy, white privilege and whiteness.”

One of the reasons why many Mississippians are unaware of the extent to which critical race theory is being taught is the fact that those who promote this agenda seldom characterize what they are teaching as being "critical race theory." Often, they will reject the term entirely.

This means that we need to look beyond the label and better understand what it is that educators are actually teaching.

In our report, we identify some of the underlying ideas behind this ideology. 

We then go on to recommend a series of practical steps that can be taken to tackle critical race theory. 

You can read our full study and recommendations to Mississippi leaders HERE.



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