Gym owners ticketed for reopening early

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
May 12, 2020

“We were issued a citation for reopening our gym on Monday, April 27.

“Our gym was ordered to close by government order on April 3. At the time we had only anticipated a two-week shutdown. But when that order expired, the governor announced he was continuing the shelter in place order and was only opening retail businesses. 

“We then announced on Facebook that despite the governors orders we were opening April 27 anyway. We opened and were met with law enforcement officers and were issued a citation. 

“We asked the amount of the citation, but the officials were unable to give us a direct order.

“During our 37 days of forced shut down we had to cancel 93 memberships and suspend 13. All but five were coronavirus related cancellations and suspensions.”

Ryan Bramlett and Wesley Bray
300 Fitness
Pontotoc, Mississippi


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