In a year that’s potentially on pace for the highest homicide rate in Jackson history, police and city officials have sought a new ally in the fight on crime: your doorbell.

Jackson has been launched into the heart of an intense civil liberties debate over the discussion of a new program which would allow Jackson city officials to tap into private residential and business doorbell cameras.

Jackson residents can now register for the program, giving police a variety of access options to their personal cameras including alarm-triggered live feeds, 24/7 streams, and more.

In a discussion with WLBT, Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba noted, “[w]hat we’ll be able to do is get a location, draw a circle around it and pull up every camera within a certain radius. If someone is running out of a building, we can follow and trace them.”

Mayor Lumumba further noted, “[u]litmately, what will happen is residents and businesses will be able to sign a waiver, if they want their camera to be accessed from the Real Time Crime Center. It would save (Jackson) from having to buy a camera for every place across the city.”

The Jackson City Council approved a 45-day trial for the program, but not all Council members are supportive. Councilman De’Keither Stamps questioned whether the technology could be abused and stated, “I don’t believe the government should be tapping into my Ring, I don’t believe we should be sponsoring this.”

Jackson will be partnering with Jackson-based technology company, PILEUM, and Georgia-based cloud service provider, FUSUS, in order to allow Jackson police to collect and access the videos.

What do you think? Would you sign up for the program/allow your device to be used by police?

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