Now Hiring: MCPP Legislative Fellowship

MCPP Legislative Fellowship

The Mississippi Center for Public Policy is a free market, liberty-oriented think tank seeking a legislative fellow who will run the Center’s Legislative Tracker found at This paid, three-month position will necessitate a willingness to pore through hundreds of bills, while also having the ability to rationally analyze whether each bill advances, denigrates, or is neutral to the principles of the founding and the promotion of liberty in the state of Mississippi. 

The incumbent will be responsible for grading each bill, and then tracking the bill via amendments throughout the process to determine if the bill changes.


  • Work with the MCPP staff to assist in bill analysis and tracking.
  • Document the filing of bills in the State House and Senate.
  • Read and provide brief analysis of introduced bills.
  • Work with Center staff to promote the Legislative Tracker across the state.


  • Appropriate understanding of the Mississippi legislative system.
  • Commitment to the principles of free enterprise and the liberty movement, along with ability to determine what represents a potential infringement upon these liberties.
  • Entrepreneurial attitude, self-motivator with a passion for public policy.

Over every bill, the Legislative Fellow will be responsible for rating every bill as either good policy, bad policy, or neutral based on three criteria:

  • Does the law expand the size, scope, intrusiveness, or cost of government?
  • Does the law limit either economic or individual liberty?
  • Does the law restrict free market competition (voluntary exchange and consumer choice) or private enterprises (such as churches, nonprofits, charities, parents, etc.)

This position will work full-time from the MCPP office for three months (early January through March). There may be unusual hours at times as the legislature often works into the evenings when facing deadlines. 

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 If you are interested, please send a resume and cover letter to