Mississippi Tech Institute

Mississippi Technology Institute

Who We Are:

The Mississippi Technology Institute is a division of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy.

We promote policies that foster technology and innovation within our state. Our team produces rigorous research to help inform the public policy debate in Mississippi and advocate a reform program which will make our state a center of innovation and growth.


  • Encourage innovation through deregulation and the avoidance of new regulations.
  • Provide a point of knowledge for tech policy and free market development in Mississippi.
  • Act as a principled resource for public policy-makers and community leaders in Mississippi to consult regarding tech policy issues.
  • Provide a free market perspective when tech policy issues are being considered.
  • Provide a rallying point across the country to engage with tech issues in Mississippi.
  • Provide a principled voice in tech, with a moral basis in the conservative values of faith, family, and freedom.

Key Focus Areas:

1. Agricultural Technology Advancement

  • Mississippi has one of the most successful agricultural industries in the country. With its large areas of farmland, agricultural infrastructure, cutting edge research centers, and generations of productivity, Mississippi is ripe to become a leader in agricultural tech advancements.

2. Energy Technology

  • Energy technology is literally the engine of the future. It is essential that Mississippi utilizes affordable and dependable energy technologies that are able to power the future and facilitate economic growth. With its abundant natural resources and high-energy industries, there is much that can be done for energy technology in Mississippi.    

3. Broadband Development

  • Mississippi needs broadband development. As a state with a largely rural population, policymakers must work strategically to ensure a proactive approach that intentionally removes regulatory boundaries, cronyism, and misguided spending that hinder deployment. Through meaningful reforms, progress can continue to be made in getting Mississippi connected.   

4. Healthcare Technology

  • Health care advances are becoming increasingly dependent on technological innovation. With one of the most heavily regulated health care sectors in the country, Mississippi has much that can be done to reform to increase the access and development of quality health care technologies. Through licensing reforms, telemedicine access, and cutting edge innovations we can dramatically improve Mississippi's health care system.

5. State and Local Government Use of Technology

  • With a state government, 82 counties, and 297 municipalities, it is critical that Mississippi’s public policy ensures the responsible use of technology by state and local governments. From law enforcement matters to technological procurement questions, a large amount of responsibility rests with the state and local government use of technology.

Excited to see the Mississippi Center for Public Policy launch the Mississippi Technology Institute in order to better engage tech policy issues from the standpoint of conservative principles and informed analysis.

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Matthew Nicaud- Tech Policy Specialist

Free Mississippi: A Conversation with James Czerniawski of Libertas Institute

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Actions Mississippi Needs:

1. Regulatory Sandboxes

-A law to allow innovators to side step restrictive regulatory barriers that hinder the application of new ideas.

2. Farm Tech Sandbox

-A law to encourage innovation in our agricultural sector by freeing farmers to do things differently.

3. Tax Breaks For Start-Ups

-A law to lower unemployment insurance costs.

4. Public Policy Improvement

-Tech is consistently changing faster than politicians' understanding of tech. We back improvements in data protection and regulation of drone technology.

5. Health Improvement

-A law to ensure more technology means more consumer choice and better health outcomes.

6. Education Improvement

-A law to ensure Mississippi children are able to take advantage of online education resources.

Free Mississippi Videos/Podcasts

The State of Broadband in Mississippi and Louisiana

A Conversation with Author Matt Ridley

A Conversation with James Czerniawski, Tech and Innovation Policy Analyst at Libertas Institute

Regulatory "Sandboxes" Help Drive Economic Growth

Tech Talks Series

In our Tech Talks, we have engaging discussions with individuals from across the state who are making an impact on the advancement of technological prosperity in Mississippi through their initiative and innovation. We hear their insights, stories, and expertise on a variety of important issues for tech innovation in Mississippi, ranging from regulatory reform to advancements in tech-driven solutions.

Tech Talks

An Interview with Senator Scott DeLano

Tech Talks

An Interview with CEO Tim Mask


The State of Broadband in Louisiana & Mississippi

In a day of telework, remote learning, telemedicine, and increasing digital connectivity, there is a growing need for fast and reliable internet service.

The Pelican Center for Technology and Innovation and the Mississippi Technology Institute seek to provide information to policymakers and the general public on removing barriers to broadband deployment and being proactive to get the two states more digitally connected.

Chinese Drones: An Emerging Security Threat to Mississippi

A range of state and local Mississippi agencies are using Chinese-manufactured drones.

As new reports indicate that the Chinese government is using data from these drones to collect intel on American assets and infrastructure, it becomes all the more important to move away from them.

Mississippi Cashes in on the Broadband Bonanza

Part II: The Mississippi Broadband Enabling Act of 2019

Access to internet service has become a major issue especially in rural communities. In 2019, Mississippi policy leaders paved the way for new service providers to enter the market.

The move seems prescient following the impacts of COVID-19, so how did this change come to pass?

Mississippi Cashes in on the Broadband Bonanza

Part I: The 2009 ARRA

Over the past 10 years, hundreds of millions of federal dollars have flooded into Mississippi with the stated aim of extending broadband Internet connectivity into underserved and unserved, mostly rural areas of the state.

It is vital that the distribution and use of these monies be subject to close scrutiny.

In the News

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Launch of Mississippi Technology Institute

New Group to Help Promote Technology Policies in the State

Launch of Mississippi Technology Institute


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