MCPP Policy Briefs and Reports

Recovery Agenda

To implement lessons learned from the unprecedented emergency caused by the spread of the coronavirus, there are numerous long-term strategies we encourage Mississippi legislators and leaders to tackle to ensure a prosperous future for all.

Making Medicaid work in a pandemic world

There are multiple waivers the Mississippi Division of Medicaid should adopt as we recover from the current COVID outbreak and prepare for additional outbreaks.

Mississippi Policy Solutions

MCPP’s new policy guide, The High Road To Freedom, includes more than 100 policy recommendations on 28 of the most pressing issues in our state. Each topic is backed by rationale, data, ideas, and principles and can be put into action. 

Higher Education

This report examines the performance of the Board of Trustees of the Mississippi State Institutions of Higher Learning and the schools under its authority. We will use four general metrics—Academic Strength, Intellectual Diversity, Cost & Effectiveness, and Governance—to assess the overall quality of higher education in the state of Mississippi, and we make recommendations for ways that the IHL can strengthen the institutions it governs.


There is a push to lower the age of compulsory education from six to five in Mississippi, eroding the limited rights parents have with their young children. At the same time, there is a push for taxpayer funded universal prekindergarten, which would give the state even more control. Is this the direction we should be moving?

Universal School Choice

Mississippi has a unique opportunity to improve its future economic condition through implementing a fully universal Education Savings Account  program. We forecast the economic impacts of such a program accrued through decreased criminal activity, increased high school graduation rates, and increased lifetime earnings.