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Kim Graham
Education Outreach
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Kimberly is from a small town outside of Tupelo, Mississippi called Guntown. She grew up in a school district where parents and school faculty worked together collectively to provide the best educational environment for students.  There were, she explains, no other alternatives open to children growing up in that part of Mississippi at that time.

After graduation, Kimberly and her husband grew disillusioned with the options that were available to them for their daughter.  Kimberly explains that they felt their daughter was “a square peg and we were forcing the round hole of our local district upon her.”  Initially, they chose a local private school that was affordable but limited in terms of the curriculum it offered.  Ultimately, they opted out and homeschooled their daughter through a state college.  The road was difficult and filled with many bumps!

The experience has fueled in Kimberly a passion to try to change education for the better.  Working on education outreach, Kimberly is here to help foster new ideas and reach parents like her.  She believes that change is possible and that voices need to be heard.  Now is the time to give parents the microphone, she believes.


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