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Michelle Brodsky
Investigative Researcher/Journalist
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Michelle Brodsky serves as the Investigative Researcher/Journalist for the Mississippi Center for Public Policy. She conducts primary research on energy policy, healthcare, and education and works with the Director of Communications to assemble her findings in a cohesive and succinct manner.

Michelle is a graduate of the University of Hartford where she studied history, psychology, and economics. During her time at UHart, she helped run her school newspaper and began her journey in conservative politics. She will be attending Cornell Law School this coming fall and hopes to eventually become a criminal defense attorney or a civil rights attorney. As a first-generation American whose parents escaped the communism of the former USSR, Michelle is particularly passionate about ensuring that our country doesn't end up like the former Soviet Union.

Along with freedom of speech and gun rights, Michelle's top issues are school choice, education reform, and election integrity. When she is not working or studying, she enjoys making Tik Tok and YouTube videos, doing makeup, learning about Judaism, and spending time with her bulldogs!


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