Red tape discourages innovation and acts as a drag on growth.  Unless we reduce the amount of regulation, Mississippi will not prosper.

Mississippi’s history means that our state has a particular problem with overbearing regulation.  Having lots of boards and commissions with the power to oversee and approve economic activity has been part of our ‘good ole boy’ political culture for far too long.  

Politicians might like the power of patronage that having an extended administrative state gives them – but we believe it is time to eliminate not only red tape but plenty of the regulators that generate it.  

  • Universal occupational licensing:  We spearheaded a universal occupational licensing bill, which became law in 2022.  This enables people from out of state with certification expertise to automatically gain certification in our state. 
  • Eliminating red tape:  We are part of the Secretary of State’s ’29 by 29’ initiative to reduce red tape.  We have made specific suggestions for rules that can be repealed.  
  • Less bureaucracy:  Our report on the size and scope of the administrative state shows how Mississippi can manage with less bureaucracy. 


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