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Lawsuit challenges home health business restrictions

Charles “Butch” Slaughter is a physical therapist and owner of a clinic in Jackson, Mississippi, who would like to start a home health business  he can’t offer this service because of a nearly 40-year-old law that makes it illegal to start new home health agencies in the state.

Defending eyebrow threader's right to earn an honest living

A graduate student at Ole Miss was pursuing the American dream. Then the state shut her down. She fought back for her right to thread eyebrows in Mississippi and won!

Protecting eyelash extension artists' ability to work

Amy Burks started her own eyelash extension lounge in Madison in 2013. After years of success and expansion, the state tried to shut her down. MJI pushed back and now she is free to work!

City drops drive-in church service ban after lawsuit

The Greenville city council has updated their emergency order, allowing King James Bible Baptist Church and others to continue hosting drive-in church services, without the threat of jail time or fines after MJI filed a lawsuit. 

Unconstitutional open carry ban

The city of Jackson cannot restrict your right to openly carry a firearm, whether we are under an emergency order or not. That is why MJI filed a lawsuit against the city of Jackson.

Lawsuit challenges state's censorship of free speech on weight loss

Giving someone weight loss advice, ideas for healthy recipes, and grocery list recommendations can land you in jail for six months with fines totaling $1,000, according to the Mississippi Department of Health.  

Challenging Jackson's ban on free speech outside abortion clinics

The city of Jackson has passed an ordinance that prevents individuals from engaging in free speech outside of an abortion clinic in the city. Sidewalk Advocates for Life – Jackson, Mississippi are fighting back.

Companies can continue to sell "veggie" burgers in Mississippi

New regulations will allow vegan or vegetarian companies to continue using meat-related terms on their labels. This came after MJI partnered with Institute for Justice on a First Amendment lawsuit. 

Supreme Court sides with MJI in charter school lawsuit

The Mississippi Supreme Court has upheld the funding of public charter schools, preserving the schools that have served as a lifeline for hundreds of Mississippi children in a few short years. MJI intervened on behalf of charter school families. 

New regulations expand emergency telemedicine in Mississippi 

On May 9, 2019, the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure adopted a new proposed rule that will expand telemedicine services in the state by allowing additional providers to offer telemedicine in the emergency room. 

Tupelo backs away from food truck regulations after MJI letter

After a great deal of debate and discussion, the new food truck regulations in Tupelo do not include the controversial, and potentially illegal, restrictions that some on the council had floated. After the initial regulations were discussed, the Mississippi Justice Institute warned the city of a potential lawsuit. 

MJI wins open meetings case in Lauderdale County

The Mississippi Justice Institute won another Open Meetings Act case, this time in Lauderdale County Chancery court. The case was filed on behalf of Tommy Williams, a Lauderdale County resident, who challenged the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors for violating open meetings laws.

MJI-supported plaintiff wins First Amendment case at SCOTUS

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff in an important First Amendment case, Minnesota Voters Alliance v. Mansky. Mississippi Justice Institute Director Shadrack White  filed an amicus brief in the case in favor of the plaintiff.

MJI wins open meetings complaint in Natchez

The Mississippi Ethics Commission has found that the mayor and the alderman in the city of Natchez violated Mississippi’s Open Meetings Act when they entered into executive session to discuss proposals for garbage collection and recycling services.

MJI files amicus in support of Mississippi tech startup

The Mississippi Justice Institute filed an amicus brief in defense of Vizaline LLC, a Mississippi tech startup that the government wants to put out of business. MJI is urging the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse a wrongful dismissal of the Mississippi company’s lawsuit against the government.

Mississippi Supreme Court sides with MJI in open meetings case

The Mississippi Supreme Court ruled that the Mayor and City Council of Columbus violated the Open Meetings Act when they previously met in prearranged, non-quorum size gatherings to discuss public business, intending to circumvent the Act. This is the first time the Supreme Court has ever addressed the issue of whether meetings of public officials in less than quorum numbers violate the Open Meetings Act.

Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics returns improperly seized assets

The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics returned more than $100,000 in property that the agency improperly seized after the administrative forfeiture law was repealed and the Mississippi Justice Institute sent a letter advising the agency of the change in the law.


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