Mississippi is ranked 50th out of 50 states by many metrics. If we are to improve our state, we need to do something to improve education outcomes.

The good news is that there have been some marginal improvements, notably in reading. The adoption of better teaching methods seems to be delivering better results. But far too many young Mississippians are still receiving a substandard education.

Far-reaching reform is needed to introduce choice and competition into a state education system that is all too often run for the convenience of those that work for it. 

Improving education means changes to public policy: 

  • More Charter Schools:  Ten years after the law was changed to allow Charter Schools in our state, we still only have a handful.  We believe that the Charter Authorizer process is a roadblock to reform and that change is needed to make it easier for new Charter School applicants to get the go-ahead.   
  • Education Support Accounts:  Having spearheaded efforts to introduce a limited ESA program in the state, we are committed to the establishment of universal school choice in the state.  We note that neighboring Arkansas has just announced plans for universal school choice by 2025.  We are working to see something similar in our state. 


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