We work hard to impact policy decisions in Mississippi, publishing research papers and influencing legislation. But we also believe that the key to winning the fight for freedom is to invest in the long term by changing the way that people think. 

Milton Friedman famously said it is not enough to try to elect the right people.  We must change the climate of opinion so that even "the wrong people do the right thing." 

To do this, we invest heavily in:

  • The Mississippi Leadership Academy.  Each year, a cohort of young people join the Academy to learn about our state, the public policy challenges, and to consider some of the solutions.  To learn more about the Academy, click here
  • Thought leadership.  We produce a constant stream of articles in publications across the state, read by hundreds of thousands of people.  To see some of our most recent output, click here
  • A mass audience.  We have created a genuinely mass online, organic audience for our output.  Over 100,000 individuals open and read our weekly newsletter each month.  Thousands of hours of our audio visual output is consumed each month.  Click here to see our YouTube site.  


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