Mississippi Justice Institute

One way of changing public policy is through legislation. Another is to litigate, using the rights enshrined in both the Mississippi and the US constitution to defend individual liberty.

That is what our legal arm, the Mississippi Justice Institute (MJI) does very effectively. Founded in 2016, the MJI has represented Mississippians whose state or federal Constitutional rights have been threatened by government actions.

We have won cases on behalf of:

  • Entrepreneurs who were threatened by officialdom for not having the right permits. We successfully argued that these restrictions were unconstitutional.
  • Students who were threatened by on-campus intolerance of their conservative viewpoints. We were able to get university officials to back down and allow them space to express their views.
  • A local dietician threatened with prosecution for offering advice on what to eat. We successfully showed that dieticians offering non-medical advice have a right to free expression.
  • Local churches threatened with lockdowns during the pandemic. We successfully showed that a local mayor had no business telling residents whether they could attend outdoor services.
  • Local residents whose right to open carry was undermined by a local mayor. We successfully argued that the right to open carry may not be undermined by municipal officials.

For more information about the work of the Mississippi Justice Institute, click here.


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