Douglas Murray in Jackson

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
May 6, 2022

Douglas Murray spoke to a packed meeting at River Hills Club in Jackson, Mississippi yesterday.

Murray’s new book, War on the West, was announced as a New York Times bestseller the day he landed in Jackson.  His book was already the number one selling hardback book in his native Britain the previous week.

“Douglas Murray is the man of the moment.  His book is a best seller and I believe is proving to be extremely influential in shaping the way America thinks” said Douglas Carswell, President & CEO of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, which hosted the event.

“In recent years, Americans have been told that they must feel bad about their country.  Progressive professors have taught young Americans that America is always wrong.”  

“Heroic figures from America’s past have been denigrated.  Statues have been pulled down by the mob.  In the name of equity, millions of ordinary Americans get treated unequally.”

“Douglas Murray’s new book uses clear, well-researched insights to show how absurd these ‘woke’ ideas actually are.  And he shows how Americans can stand proud”.


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