MCPP Creates the Mississippi Justice Institute

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
February 25, 2016

MCPP Commentary By Forest Thigpen
To hear this commentary click here.

For 23 years, our organization has worked to help legislators write laws to guard the liberty of the people of our state, to enhance their opportunities, and to protect their families.

We have now created a new legal division to pursue those same goals in the judicial system.

Our Mississippi Justice Institute will work to ensure our laws are carried out in a way that protects our liberty and honors our Constitutional rights.

Our Justice Institute will focus on cases where government agencies are keeping entrepreneurs from pursuing a genuine, legitimate dream or are keeping someone from acting within a legitimate Constitutional right.

To lead this effort, Mike Hurst has joined our staff. You know Mike as the Attorney General candidate, but his previous work as a federal prosecutor, fighting public corruption, and his work for the U.S. House Judiciary Committee make him a perfect fit for this new role.

If you know of a case that fits our mission, go to


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