Medicaid Expansion Adds to Kids' Debt

By Aaron Rice
June 3, 2013

Most rational people are concerned about the unconscionable burden of debt being placed on our children and grandchildren by the federal government. The explosion in federal spending is largely due to the rapid and unsustainable growth in entitlement programs.

One of the great frustrations of this situation is that there are very few things we can do to get Congress to stop adding to that burden of debt they are placing on the future generations. But there is one thing closer to home we can do. We can encourage our state legislature to hold firm on not expanding Medicaid. Since almost all of the cost of Medicaid expansion would supposedly come out of the federal budget, and since Congress increases the federal debt every time it increases spending, our state legislature can keep $15 billion over the next eight years from being added to the federal debt. It also keeps us from putting one-third of all Mississippians on the program.

For more reasons to oppose Medicaid expansion, go to


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