Think Tank Lets You See the Spending of State Government

By Aaron Rice
September 29, 2010

Do you ever wonder what your taxes pay for? I don't mean the big, broad categories you hear about, but the individual expenses that add up to those big numbers?

Don't you think you ought to be able to find out?

Well, now you can, at a new website we created called At SeeTheSpending, you can find exactly what your state government is spending your money on. You can search by agency, category, or even the name of
a contractor the state has done business with.

Why did we at the Mississippi Center for Public Policy create this site? Because we believe, just like America's Founders did, that the legitimate power of government comes from the consent of the governed. But in order to exercise that power, "the governed" - that's you - need to know what their government is
doing. is a powerful tool to help you see what your state government is doing with your money.

And don't worry about it being complicated. If you've ever written a check to pay a bill, you'll be able to use this site easily.

Go to, do some digging, and let your legislators know where they could cut the state budget!


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