Alcohol will soon be available in Simpson county, legally

By Aaron Rice
November 7, 2019

Voters in Simpson county on Tuesday approved a referendum that will legalize alcohol sales countywide.

According to unofficial reports, 61 percent of voters supported the referendum, meaning Simpson county will soon become a ‘wet’ county. 

Mississippi has a hodge-podge of liquor laws as the 1966 law that repealed prohibition provided for local control over alcohol sales. According to PEER, Mississippi has 31 dry counties, with three additional counties that are partially dry. However, most of those counties have some have localities that have either wet municipalities or resort area status, allowing the legal sale of alcohol. 

Throughout Mississippi, there has been a strong move in that direction among dry counties as their numbers continue to dwindle. 

Proponents of the referendum in Simpson county submitted the necessary 1,500 certified voter signatures for the referendum this past August. Previous efforts had stalled due to lack of signatures. 


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