Because of technology, social distancing does not mean isolation

By Aaron Rice
March 31, 2020

Social distancing is the common term used for what we are told to do these days. Stay at least six feet away from other people in public, avoid crowds of 10 or more, and, better yet, don’t leave the house unless necessary. 

Once upon a time that was referred to as isolation. Today, it is simply a matter of doing things a little differently. Thanks to technology. 

With Zoom, Google Hangout, Facebook Live, and others, socially distant businesses can conduct virtual staff meetings that use to take place in a conference room. Teachers can provide lessons with students being able to ask questions in real time. Church services are streamed online. Families can continue to communicate face-to-face, even if it’s just through a screen. And social gatherings are still occurring through virtual happy hours. 

If you would like culture to go with that drink – which can be delivered to your house in most states, just not Mississippi – you can check out virtual tours of museums and national parks. Since movies and concerts are a no-go right now, numerous artists have been holding virtual concerts on social media, while “watch parties” allow you to synchronize movies with friends across town or across the world. 

Excluding alcohol, most other products that you would purchase can be delivered to your front door. Thanks to entrepreneurs and apps that we don’t think twice about, you can have a meal from your favorite restaurant delivered while it’s dining facility is closed. You can have your grocery order delivered. Or at the least have your order that you placed on an app brought to your car as you wait safely inside. 

And telemedicine, which has long been available, is becoming more common, and necessary. And thanks to easing of regulations, more accessible for those want or need to visit with a medical professional, but don’t want to leave their house. 

Indeed, the common theme is technology and the government stepping aside and letting innovation happen. Because of this, we are able to proceed with a little normality in our lives for these crazy times.


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