Big win on Critical Race Theory in Mississippi

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
March 4, 2022

Both the Senate and the House of Representatives have passed a bill on Critical Race theory by large majorities. The bill was drafted as model legislation by the Mississippi Center for Public Policy. 

“I am delighted that both the House and the Senate have now voted in favor of this bill by large majorities” said Douglas Carswell, President & CEO.  

“When we published our report on Critical Race theory in Mississippi in October, we presented clear evidence that this extremist ideology is being promoted in our state.”

“Our report included a model bill to tackle this problem – and this bill has now been sent to the Governor for signature.” 

“Our CRT bill does not prevent the teaching of history.  Nor does it mean that teachers will no longer be able to educate young Mississippians about the Civil Rights movement.”  

“What our bill does do is help safeguard Dr Martin Luther King’s vision of America as a country in which individuals are judged on the content of their character, not the color of their skin”.

“Having led the way in tackling Critical Race theory, I hope that other states across America will now follow Mississippi’s lead”  


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