Charter School Law is Counterfeit

By Aaron Rice
August 23, 2010

Another school year has started, and due to the inaction of the legislature, it's another school year in which parents are forced to send their children wherever the government tells them they have to go - even if that school is not educating their children well.

You may have heard the legislature passed a charter school bill this year, but that bill is counterfeit. It uses the term "charter school" but excludes anything that makes a charter school a charter school. There is no real choice for parents and no freedom to try a different approach to educating children. This bill took the old law that was so cumbersome that only one charter school was created under it, and it adds additional burdens to the process.

It didn't have to be that way. The Senate passed a true charter school bill, and the House, for the first time ever, voted to allow them. But after that vote, House leaders convinced some members to change their votes. It was voted on again, and it was killed. In its place, they passed a bill of false hope for parents who want better schools for their children.

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