Charter School Opponents Promote the System, Ignore Children

By Aaron Rice
March 6, 2012

A statistician says if you have one foot in a bucket of scalding water and the other in a bucket of ice, on average you're pretty comfortable. That seems to be the attitude of the people who don't want charter schools near so-called "successful" schools. If there are enough high-scoring students to offset the low-scoring students, on average the school is doing pretty well, and no other options are needed. But what about those students who are not doing well?

Nicholas was a student in DeSoto County. His district was highly rated, but he was having a hard time reading. After trying unsuccessfully to get his school to help Nicholas, his parents moved him to a school in Memphis, where he went from a second grade to a fifth grade reading level in six weeks.

The opponents of charter schools focus on the needs of schools and districts, not on the educational needs of children like Nicholas. Call your state representative today and ask them to vote for charter schools. Call the Capitol at 601-359-3770. For more, go to

For more, go to


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