Education in Mississippi needs change, says Betsy DeVos in Jackson

By Tyler B. Jones
March 24, 2023

(Jackson, MS): Former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was in Jackson this week outlining her roadmap for education freedom in America.

At a lunch event hosted by the Mississippi Center for Public Policy in Jackson, Mrs. DeVos shared her candid thoughts on what it was like to work with President Donald in the White House.

A passionate campaigner for school choice, Mrs. DeVos spoke about how un-American much of our current education system actually is. Sharing her thoughts on the Covid lockdowns, Mrs. DeVos explained why the decision to lockdown schools was one of the worst decisions made by public officials ever. Covid lockdowns, she explained, set back the educational attainment of a generation of young Americans permanently.

Covid lockdowns did, however, alert parents across the country to what was happening – or often not happening - in the classroom. Since then, Mrs. DeVos explained, America has seen a ‘great parental awakening.'

Starting in Virginia, with the election of Glenn Youngkin, a parent-led revolution in education is underway. West Virginia, Arizona, Texas, Florida and Arkansas have all started to implement school choice programs that will allow moms and dads to allocate their child’s tax dollars to a school of their choice.

Mrs. DeVos talked about her new book, Hostages No More, which explains why education freedom is so necessary, and discussed what it might take to bring a similar change in education in Mississippi.

Interviewed on stage in front of hundreds of people by Douglas Carswell, President & CEO of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, Mrs. DeVos talked about some of the vested interests that want to control every aspect of the education system.

She went on to explain why education freedom was essential in order to combat extreme ‘woke’ ideology in the classroom.

“Here in Mississippi, we passed a law to combat Critical Race theory,” Douglas Carswell explained. “Listening to Mrs. DeVos is it clear that that is not enough to stop radical leftist ideas being promoted in schools at taxpayers’ expense. Only education freedom – giving moms and dads the power to allocate their child’s share of tax dollars – will end the advance of ‘woke’ ideology in our schools."


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