Faith, Giving, and Business are Keys to Coast Renewal

By Aaron Rice
November 21, 2005

This year, many people in our state have fewer tangible things to be thankful for, but countless people have said they have a new appreciation for the things they do still have, especially those intangible things that are truly most important.

The keys to proper recovery are these: First, faith that God has a plan for your own life and for the region affected by the hurricane. Second, the continuation of the tremendous outpouring of love and concern for the people on the Coast. And third, we need proper incentives to encourage the quick relaunching of businesses in the region. That third one may grab your heart as much as the first two, but the reality is that businesses fuel the economic engine that will restore the Gulf Coast economy.

If we do this right, then 10 years from now when people think of Mississippi, they will think not of the winds of a hurricane that brought death and destruction, but the winds of freedom that brought and hope and opportunity and renewal.

For ideas on rebuilding the Coast using these principles, go to


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