Food delivery robots come to Ole Miss

By Aaron Rice
January 23, 2020

An autonomous delivery service, otherwise known as a food delivery robot, has arrived at Ole Miss. 

The robots, which are a product of Starship Technologies, are in operation at over 100 college campuses, but Ole Miss is the first school in the Southeastern Conference to have the robots, according to the school’s press release. There will be 30 robots serving Ole Miss.   

To get your food delivered via a robot, you download the app, place your order, and it can then be delivered to any point on campus by simply dropping a pin in your desired location. 

The electric robot looks like a cooler on six wheels, along with lights and a tall orange flag. It combines cameras and artificial intelligence to navigate from beginning to end point. 

The app will unlock the lid to access your food. If you tried to steal food from the robot, an alarm will sound, the operator can speak through two-way speakers, and the cameras can photograph the would-be thief.  

“We’re honored to be able to help make lives a little bit easier for Rebels across the Ole Miss campus by offering the world’s leading autonomous delivery service” said Ryan Tuohy, senior vice president of business development at Starship. “Whether it’s getting breakfast delivered in the morning or having a late-night snack, our robots are here to serve students, faculty and staff at all times of the day.”

The robots officially debuted Wednesday, January 22. 


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