Free Markets, Individualism Have Always Lead to Progress

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
January 24, 2022

Over the course a Man's history on Planet Earth, there have always been two mindsets on how to run things: control and empowerment.

A Stand Togther video goes in depth into the ideals of these factions. The "control" view, the narrator says, "is rooted in a deep skepticism of human beings." The control views basically says that the only way for the masses to function is to be led by a small group of the "smartest" and "best" – It's like sheep with a shepherd. This, of course, has been the status quo since, essentially, the dawn of civilization. You can clearly see these roots in absolute monarchies, dictatorships, etc.

On the other hand, you have the "empowerment" view. The narrator goes on to explain that it believes "we all have dignity and worth, and that every individual has something to contribute." The most expansive example of this, he says, comes in 1776, and I couldn't agree more. The signing of the Declaration of Independence set America (and by example, the world) up as a bottom-up system. Every individual is important, and with them, the greater society benefits.

This truly correlates with the idea of free markets. Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, and Lonnie Johnson are all American examples of this. Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb after countless failures. Steve Jobs helped make personal computers affordable for the average person. Lonnie Johnson, an aerospace engineer, invented the Super Soaker water gun, which has been among the world's bestselling toys ever since. These three men and their inventions, wealth, contributions to society, and society's benefit(s) from them have all been products of the free market.

Despite the ups and downs of a market-based economy – which I happen to think is the beauty of it, anyway (It's trial and error, which increases competition, if not with a competitor, your own product) – , the principles and lessons of a liberal economy have been understood and successfully implemented by a significant number of countries around the globe. Economic freedom alleviates victims of poverty, encourages the betterment and innovation and progress of oneself, and ensures greater societal progress. It's critical to generating the broader-based economic growth that brings more prosperity and opportunities for a greater number of people to work, produce, and save. It's no wonder "communist" countries like China and Cuba have integrated portions of capitalism into their brand of the the left-wing ideology.

Advancing the free market is the most effective way to challenge big government and concentrated power, the status quo. At the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, we're fighting for it.

As the 2022 Mississippi Legislative Session continues, and you can keep up with measures to expand economic liberty by watching our Legislative Tracker.


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