Health Care Ruling is Victory for Freedom

By Aaron Rice
February 1, 2011

Another federal court has now recognized that Congress does not have the authority to force Americans to buy a product. It is sad that so many people in Congress failed to read the text and history of the Constitution before they approved the massive health care overhaul bill last year, which included a provision requiring all Americans to buy health insurance.

If Congress can require you to buy health insurance, it can force you to buy anything else Congress thinks you should own. Whoever is in power will determine what you should buy. It's bad enough that Congress already takes so much of your money and spends it in ways you never would. It is infinitely worse that they would dictate how you spend the money that's left over.

The latest ruling, which includes a refreshing dose of historical perspective on the intent of our nation's Founders, is a victory for our Constitution, which is ultimately a victory for the American form of government and the American people.

It is a matter of freedom.


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