Hunter Estes Appointed Director of Communications

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
January 26, 2021

The Mississippi Center for Public Policy has appointed Hunter Estes as the Director of Communications. In his new role, Estes will oversee and coordinate all marketing and outreach efforts for the organization including social media output, press relations, video production, and more.

Regarding the appointment, Estes stated, “I am incredibly excited to take on this new role. It has become increasingly important to elevate a rejuvenated and vigorous defense of the freedoms that bind us as Mississippians. In order to successfully push for liberty-minded policies that advance prosperity for our state, we must win the battle of ideas and that all starts with effective communications strategies.”

MCPP President Douglas Carswell noted, “Hunter understands how communication has changed and is brilliant at getting our message out to a mass audience. We are honored to have him leading our outreach efforts.”

Carswell continued, “For our organization, outreach means having a hearts and minds strategy. To move the dial in Mississippi, we need to reach out and make the moral case for free markets and limited government to the rising generation. With Hunter in this role, we will.”

Estes has served as the development manager for the organization since January of 2019. In this role, he coordinated all fundraising efforts by communicating with donors, working with foundation partners, and developing a range of new programs including the expansion of digital donation opportunities and the launch of the 1798 Society, our major donors club.

Estes also serves as a community leader on the board of the Jackson chapter of America’s Future (previously America’s Future Foundation), a networking organization for liberty-minded young professionals. Furthermore, Estes joined the Mississippi Army National Guard in October of 2020.

Before moving to Mississippi, Estes worked as an intern under former Speaker Paul Ryan, former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Senator Ted Cruz, the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and the Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

He holds his Bachelor of Science in International Relations from Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service.

For comments or questions about the appointment, please reach out to Hunter Estes at [email protected].


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