Individual Health Insurance Mandate Abandons Constitution

Did you know that the health care bills being negotiated in Washington will give the Internal Revenue Service new authority over you? The bills passed by both the House and Senate will require every American to buy a health insurance policy - and they give the enforcement authority to the IRS will make sure you have done so.

President Obama has said that this so-called "individual mandate" - and the "employer mandate", which requires employers to either provide insurance or pay a tax - is the cornerstone of his whole plan. This would be the first time the federal government has ever required individual citizens to purchase a product from a private company. One of the many ironies of this requirement is that it would be the biggest boon ever to private insurance companies, which the administration otherwise treats as evil entities.

This requirement to purchase a product is an abject abandonment of the Constitutional protections of our freedom. Those who vote for it are abandoning their own oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and they are betraying the people they were elected to represent. They must be held accountable.


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