Leslie Stingley: Homestead by the Brambles

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
July 13, 2020

“My name is Leslie Stingley and I operate Homestead by the Brambles.

“Currently I make homemade breads, and syrups that can be added to teas, lemonades, and cocktails. I have a garden, we make pickles, and I have wild chanterelles mushrooms growing on the property. 

“I started this business when I lost my job at a food manufacturing company in May. I worked 55-60 hours per week before. But because of the new business, I’m now able to be at home with my daughter. 

“We are still really in its startup phase, but I know there is a market for fresh, preservative free goods.  I’ve seen and experienced the beginning of the failure of the food system. I feel strongly that my purpose is to help change the food system. 

“I want to change our culture to one of true sustainability, not this fake sustainability that has been preached by the major food companies the past 10 years. I strongly fear if we have a worse food shortage than we did over the coronavirus pandemic, people will not know how to eat. 

“The legislature allowing cottage food businesses to earn more and advertise online will be a big help.”

Leslie Stingley
Homestead by the Brambles
Morton, Mississippi


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