MCPP In The News - Summer 2017

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
September 14, 2017
MCPP In The News
In case you missed it while at the beach,
MCPP experts have been in the news all summer long!
This is what we do and your support makes it possible.
Dr. Jameson Taylor discusses what escape hatches are available from Obamacare. 
 Mike Hurst argues against the Department of Revenue's unconstitutional agreement with Amazon.
  • Read More. The Clarion-Ledger – May 12, 2017
 Charlie Mitchell highlights MCPP transparency efforts on
  • Read More. DeSoto Times-Tribune – May 17, 2017
 Dr. Jameson Taylor demonstrates why a state lottery would be a new and damaging tax.
  • Read More. The Clarion-Ledger – May 21, 2017
 MCPP comments on the Fifth Circuit’s affirmation of Mississippi’s freedom of conscience law.
  • Read More. U.S. News & World Report – June 22, 2017
 Forest Thigpen explains the internet sales tax.
 Daniel Ashford advocates for reasonable licensing standards for those with a criminal conviction.
 Daniel Ashford wants Mississippi universities to protect free speech rights.
  • Read More. The Clarion-Ledger – July 14, 2017
 Dr. Jameson Taylor calls out the Clarion-Ledger for its incomplete reporting on Medicaid.
  • Read More. The Clarion-Ledger – July 28, 2017
 Dr. Jameson Taylor agrees Mississippi is overpaying its State Superintendent of Education.
  • Read More. Education Week – August 29, 2017
 Dr. Jameson Taylor explains why raising the minimum wage is a "horrible idea," leaving MPB host Karen Brown speechless. …
  • Tune in: minute 13:22 to 18:25. Mississippi Edition, MPB – September 7, 2017
 Mike Hurst celebrates MJI's significant win for transparency at the Mississippi Supreme Court.
  • Read More. Sun Herald – September 7, 2017
 Dr. Jameson Taylor discusses how Congress’ failure to repeal Obamacare is encouraging states to look at certificate of need requirements.
  • Read More. The Clarion-Ledger – September 10, 2017


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