MCPP launches a Conservative Platform for Mississippi 2023

By Tyler B. Jones
November 21, 2022

The Mississippi Center for Public Policy launched a “Conservative Platform for Mississippi 2023” today.

The platform offers lawmakers a policy program on important issues that MCPP feels true conservatives in Mississippi should support. Topics discussed within the platform consist of taxes and spending, renewed democracy, combatting extremist ideology, innovation and enterprise, education and healthcare. 

All of Mississippi’s state-wide elected officials have been controlled by self-identified “conservatives” since at least 2015. MCPP believes many of these “conservatives” do not vote in favor of policies that support values involving limited government and personal freedoms, therefore prompting the organization to launch this platform as a guide to voting conservatively. 

Some key issues include a recall, giving residents the power to remove locally elected officials when they fail; the Mississippi Reins Act, which requires the legislature to approve agency spending over $200,000; and an Anti-ESG bill, which prohibits the state’s Public Employees’ Retirement System of Mississippi (PERS) board from investing in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies. 

The Mississippi Center for Public Policy will also publish a detailed, carefully costed draft budget for 2023 in December, which will show what tax cuts should look like in the future. 

MCPP plans to introduce several pieces of legislation during the 2023 Mississippi Legislative Session that follow these policy issues. The organization will promote draft bills and work with allied partners to build a coalition enabling each of these reforms. 

"Mississippi votes for conservatives. It's time for those elected as conservatives to cut taxes, support free enterprise and deregulate," MCPP CEO & President Douglas Carswell said. "Other Southern states have done that - and are growing. We could be, too." 

A copy of the platform can be found here.


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