Mississippi Center for Public Policy Announces 2022 Freedom Agenda

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
January 4, 2022


(Jackson, MS): The Mississippi Center for Public Policy has released its plan for success in 2022 – The MCPP Freedom Agenda, which will become a yearly strategy to lay out our goals for each Legislative Session. The Freedom Agenda will cover five areas needed for policy reform: Critical Race Theory, economic liberty, education, healthcare, and technology & innovation.

"Freedom is a process," said Senior Director of Policy & Communications Hunter Estes. "The defense of our liberties necessitates constant work. Recognizing this, we are launching a strategic campaign to advance freedom in Mississippi from the classroom to the hospital, the office to the home, and the college campus to the tech start-up. Our goal is to better Mississippi, and we believe these tangible legislative reforms can help to accomplish that mission."

The 2022 Freedom Agenda sets out a twelve-point plan:

  1. Combat Critical Race Theory
  2. Promote Academic Transparency
  3. State Income Tax Abolition
  4. Red Tape Reduction
  5. Open Enrollment in Education
  6. Cap School Board Administrative Costs
  7. Establish Multiple Charter School Authorizers
  8. Free Speech on Campus
  9. Repeal Certificate of Need
  10. Repeal of Moratorium on Home Health Agencies
  11. Agricultural Incubator
  12. Reduce Barriers to Telemedicine/Telepharmacy

“Mississippi needs a boost. That’s why we are publishing our Freedom Agenda to help elevate our state. Each of these twelve reforms are affordable and achievable – and our lawmakers could easily make them happen,” said President & CEO Douglas Carswell. “The Freedom Agenda includes measures to give families tax breaks and grow our economy, so that young citizens of the Magnolia State won’t have to move away to work. We also propose school freedom to ensure that every child growing up in here gets the chance of a great education, as well as detailed reforms to make healthcare more affordable.”

The Mississippi Center for Public Policy believes providing these twelve reforms would lift up our state, safeguard liberty, and promote limited government. Ultimately, we also believe they would make Mississippi more prosperous and a happier place to live, work, and raise a family.

You may read the full 2022 Freedom Agenda HERE.

For media inquiries, please reach out to Stone Clanton, [email protected].


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