Mississippi Senate and House reach income tax deal - cautious welcome

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
March 26, 2022

Today the Mississippi Senate and House appear to have reached a compromise deal on income tax cuts.

Commenting on the news, President & CEO of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, Douglas Carswell said:

“This tax cut is great news for Mississippi.  With the cost of living rising, exempting every Mississippi worker from paying income tax on the first $18,000 earned is welcome.”

“It is good that some of our state’s $1.2 billion surplus is being used to give taxpayers back some of their own money.  However, this package is more modest than we would like to have seen.

“This is a good first step but it is not full income tax elimination.  Under this proposal, in 2026 the legislature will still need to agree further reductions.” 

“There is a danger that the Mississippi government will not tax to get the money it needs, but finds a need for the money it gets”.

“While this a step forward towards eventual income tax elimination, Mississippi still needs bold, game-changing policy changes if our state is not to continue to rank 50th out of 50 states by many metrics”.


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