Mississippi State Fair will go on

By Aaron Rice
September 9, 2020

Mississippi’s State Fair will continue as scheduled next month. It will just look a little different.

To date, at least 35 fairs, including the famous Texas State Fair, have been cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But not Mississippi. 

Andy Gipson, Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce, recently announced the 161st State Fair will run from October 7 through October 18 as planned. 

“If you need to stay home, I encourage you to stay home,” Gipson said. “But for those who are getting out and want to get out and make family memories, I invite you to come October 7-18.”

Here are some of the new safety protocols this year:

  • All staff (Midway employees, MDAC employees, contractors, and vendors) will be required to wear masks. All participants will be required to wear face coverings upon entry. If someone shows up without a face covering, the Fairgrounds will provide a mask. Adult and children’s sizes will be available.
  • All gates into the Fairgrounds will be equipped with one or more people with digital devices to account for visitors as they come and go to ensure the 200-people-per acre capacity is not violated. Entrance will be denied if capacity is met.
  • The Midway will be expanded and lines will have six-foot markers to demonstrate social distancing. 
  • Multitudes of hand sanitation stations will be provided throughout the Fairgrounds.
  • High touch areas and surfaces will be routinely sanitized.
  • The Senior American Day program and the School Field Day will not be held this year. 

“By using common sense and looking out for each other, we will have a great Mississippi State Fair, we will continue to make family memories while being safe and healthy,” Gipson added.


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