Poll shows Mississippians overwhelmingly want alcohol freedom

By Hunter Estes
March 2, 2020

A recently published survey showcased overwhelmingly strong support for allowing wine to be sold in grocery stores across the state of Mississippi.

The Looking For Wine coalition, in conjunction with Spry Strategies conducted the poll which found that 75 percent of Mississippians support the policy change.

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The survey comes as further testament that Mississippians are in favor of increasing alcohol freedom in the Magnolia state and rolling back prohibition-era policies that limit the economic freedom of both buyers and sellers.

Furthermore, the survey also found that 48 percent of respondents would be more likely to vote for a House or Senate candidate who supported reforms that would allow grocery stores to sell wine in addition to beer, while only 17 percent would be less likely to vote for said candidates.

Fascinatingly, exhibited by the survey was the fact that well over 70 percent of respondents who identified as Republicans, Democrats, and Independents all supported the ability for grocery stores to sell wine. This indicates the broad, non-partisan nature of the vast coalition of supporters.

It is abundantly clear that most Mississippians want change. They are tired of having the government make life decisions for them and would prefer that they have the ability to decide if, when, and where they purchase wine.

If our state political leaders want to secure a major bipartisan win, then alcohol freedom is the place to start. After all, how often do we have an issue that 75 percent of people across all political parties agree on?

With a range of bills having been introduced this session, there are a range of good policy options available, including the sale of wine in grocery stores, raising the business license cap, reforming the wet-dry county process, and more. Mississippi truly has the chance to make this the year for alcohol freedom in the state.


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