Press Release - Combating Critical Race Theory In Mississippi

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
October 6, 2021


(Jackson, MS): Critical race theory is being taught and promoted in Mississippi, according to a new report out today from the Mississippi Center for Public Policy.

The report defines critical race theory as an ideology that maintains the United States is founded on racial supremacy and oppression. 

The report shows that critical race theory is a Marxist-like belief system. While conventional Marxists divide society between the oppressors and the oppressed, critical race theorists have replaced the class categories of bourgeoisie and proletariat with the identity categories of white and black. 

“This makes critical race theory a deeply divisive ideology, as well as an extremist one,” explains Douglas Carswell, President & CEO of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy. “Critical race theory ultimately seeks to overthrow the existing economic and political order and fundamentally change America.”

Today’s report reveals that:

  • Several departments at public universities explicitly espouse critical race theory. One, for example, refers to the way that “systemic racism” perpetuates “white supremacy.” Another teaches courses that explore “how whiteness is constructed” and looks at the relationship between white identity and “white nationalism, white supremacy, white privilege and whiteness.”
  • The Mississippi Department of Education recommends teachers use professional development resources provided by organizations that clearly promote critical race theory, such as the Zinn Education Project, which has called for the abolition of Christopher Columbus Day.

“For all the assurances that critical race theory is not being taught in Mississippi, when you look at the evidence, it clearly is” added Carswell. “Mississippians need to know that a deeply dangerous and divisive ideology is being advanced through our public education institutions. Mississippi leaders need to take action to combat this.”

Today’s report sets out a six point plan to combat critical race theory. Included in the report’s recommendations are:

  • A bill to combat critical race theory. 
  • Recommendations to review the curriculum, make changes to the Board of Education, and take action to ensure public universities teach students a range of ideas and differing viewpoints.
  • Suggestions that alumni donors stop donating to support a divisive ideology.

Read the full report HERE.

For more information or to request an interview with Mississippi Center For Public Policy President Douglas Carswell, please reach out to Stone Clanton, clanton@mspolicy.


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