Rebuilding Coast Should Not Ignore Essentials

By Aaron Rice
October 25, 2005

With so much devastation on the Gulf Coast, it�s difficult to imagine how the homes and businesses - and lives - can be rebuilt. And while we, especially in the church, need to be sensitive to the needs of individuals, we also need to look for ways to ensure that when the Coast communities are rebuilt, the essentials of a strong community are accommodated and even promoted.

Essentials like strong marriages and strong families, where parents are acknowledged as the primary authorities in their children�s lives. Essentials like housing that is safe but affordable, churches that are appreciated because they are properly exhibiting the love of Christ to others, businesses that serve people honestly, and governments that perform only those roles that are properly theirs.

It might sound utopian, but now is the time to dream of what a community can be. For those who live in the southern part of the state, you�ll have a chance to express your ideas at town-hall-type meetings that will be held over the next few weeks by the Governor�s Commission on Rebuilding, Recovery, and Renewal. Check your local media outlets for the times and places in your area.


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