Reeves, Ole Miss, State: We Want To Play

By Aaron Rice
August 11, 2020

While the 2020 college football season remains in limbo with the Big 10 cancelling their season and the Pac 12 waffling, Southeastern Conference Commissioner Greg Sankey said the conference has been given the green light to continue with plans for football this fall. 

And if college football does happen in Mississippi, it will do so with the support of Gov. Tate Reeves, and both SEC universities in the state: Ole Miss and Mississippi State. 

Reeves took to social media today to outline his support, calling college football essential, and backed up his support during today's news conference.   

“What do opponents of football think, these kids will end up in a bubble without it?" Reeves said. "You can get COVID anywhere. There are forces who want to cancel everything to avoid risk at all societal costs. It’s foolish. We have to balance risk and costs."

Along with – mostly – Republican governors like Reeves pushing for college football, we have also seen an organic campaign from student athletes. Using the hashtag “WeWantToPlay,” we have seen players, coaches, and institutions make their voice heard over a sports media empire destined to cancel college football. 

You can include Ole Miss and State with that group. 


Ole Miss football coach Lane Kiffin also joined in the campaign:


As did Mississippi State AD John Cohen:


The message from Mississippi's universities and political leaders? We want to play.


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