The least popular company in America?

By Aaron Rice
March 15, 2019

Few items can unify Americans more than a universal disdain for the government.

A recent Axios Harris Poll tracked the reputation of the most visible brands in America to find who is the most liked, and the most disliked. The scores were broken down into several categories: affinity, ethics, growth, products/ service, citizenship, vision, culture, character, trajectory.

Wegmans, a supermarket chain in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic, topped the list. They were followed by Amazon, Patagonia, L.L. Bean, and Walt Disney.

On the other end of the spectrum? The U.S. government, coming in dead last, behind a tobacco company, a bank with a fake accounts scandal, a bankrupt retail chain, and the Trump organization.

And there is no partisan divide. Republicans ranked the government 95, Democrats ranked it 98, and independents ranked it dead last. Among category scores, the government came in between 96 and 100 on each. Although to be fair, the growth rating of 98th is a little low. If there is one thing the government is doing, it is growing.

The survey represents a national sample, and was conducted from November through January. The first group, 6,118 adults, was asked to identify two companies they believe have the best and worst reputations. Then, the 100 “most visible companies” were ranked by a second group of 18,228 adults.


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