The world needs the freedom to use fossil fuels, Alex Epstein says in Jackson

By Tyler B. Jones
April 20, 2023

Best-selling author and Fox News commentator Alex Epstein was in Jackson this week advocating for fossil fuels and warning of the harmful effects of the Net Zero movement. 

At a lunch event hosted by the Mississippi Center for Public Policy in Jackson, Epstein shared his thoughts on the benefits of fossil fuels and the climate. 

A philosopher by trade, Epstein has spent an extreme amount of time researching the facts and figures of our world's energy sources. He saw the move toward a Net Zero environment from government organizations, corporations and financial institutions wanting to completely eradicate fossil fuels, but after years of study found that over the next few decades, in order for our society to thrive, we should be growing, not eliminating, fossil fuels. A better world is one that uses more fossil fuels, he said. 

His book, "Fossil Future," states that when arguing in favor of fossil fuels, one should look at the benefits and side effects — both of which prove that fossil fuels are affordable, reliable, versatile and scaleable for a multitude of people to take advantage of. 

Fossil fuels power 80% of the world's energy today. Without them, the planet would not be able to properly operate. There is no evidence, he argues, that replacing fossil fuels with solar or wind energy would create a Net Zero environment or would be the most cost-effective solution. 

"When it comes to fossil fuels, there is an enormous tendency to ignore or deny the enormous benefits, including climate benefits, and then to exaggerate or ‘catastrophize’ the side effects," Epstein said. "...I think the fate of the world depends on using and expanding fossil fuels."

In order to continue in a free market society, we need the freedom to capitalize on the fossil fuel industry and not be forced to use inferior energy schemes. 


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