Alcohol delivery apps are booming. Just not in Mississippi.

By Aaron Rice
April 1, 2020

Alcohol delivery apps have seen a boom in sales in the states where they are legal since the outbreak of coronavirus. This doesn’t include Mississippi. 

Drizly is an alcohol delivery app that lets you place an order for your favorite beer, wine, or liquor based on your location, and get it delivered to your front door. Drizly operates in 26 states plus the District of Columbia.

In the middle of March, their sales were up approximately 300 percent from the prior year. And that is mostly driven by new customers, who accounted for more than 40 percent of sales in March compared to the normal 15 percent.

Same story with Mininbar Delivery, another app that allows you to place an order to have alcohol delivered. They operate in 18 states. From March 11-16, there sales were up 131 percent from the prior week. 

Helping to drive the increase in sales were larger orders that came with a price tag 20 percent higher than usual. 

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the Mississippi Department of Revenue has eased off a couple regulations to make it easier to purchase alcohol. Curbside pickup is available at liquor stores and you can order a bottle of wine with your to-go order from a restaurant. 

Just not delivery. 

For now, Mississippians cannot partake in the convenience of technology that allows their neighbors to order their drinks online or on their phone. 


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