Ben Shapiro Interviews MCPP's Douglas Carswell

By Hunter Estes
April 1, 2021

Douglas Carswell, President of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, joined Ben Shapiro on The Ben Shapiro Show for a wide-ranging discussion on the state of America and what can be done to improve our nation.

The Ben Shapiro Show is syndicated to networks around the country. Ben Shapiro has emerged as a leading conservative voice in today’s age. His site, The Daily Wire, is one of the most popular conservative news outlets in the nation and is regularly read by millions of people.

The full video conversation can be watched here.

Ben and Douglas discussed a plethora of issues including American culture, national spending, the global economy, and more.

Here are some of my personal favorite quotes from the conversation:

Ben Shapiro: “Welcome to our shores. I’ve got to say, it feels like you’re arriving at a rather inauspicious time in American history. While the economy seems to be finally recovering as COVID lets up, that is not stopping the current government from blowing out spending to an unprecedented extent and radically shifting the thinking of how government and the individual ought to interact.”

Douglas Carswell: “The United States has been the world’s number one power for 120 years and it’s been, by and large, an extraordinary 120 years, the best in human existence.”

Douglas: “If America becomes just another country, the lights would go out not just in America, the lights would go out on the world.”

Ben: “Europe had the privilege of having the United States basically hold up the world economy and much of their defense budget for half a century. Nobody’s going to be holding up the foundations here if the United States goes.”

Douglas: “The essence of modernity, the essence of civilization, is that we judge people not on the basis of immutable characteristics.”

Douglas: “If America was built on hatred and racism then why is it that people from every color, and every creed, and every culture want to come here?”


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