Board of Medical Licensure lifts telemed regulations

By Aaron Rice
March 16, 2020

Following last week’s state of emergency declaration from Gov. Tate Reeves, the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure has issued a proclamation easing off regulations around telemedicine. 

The Board has temporarily lifted multiple regulations concerning access to telemedicine, a move that could provide relief to both patients and healthcare workers as reports of COVID-19 cases continue to add up in Mississippi. 

The Board is encouraging “all physicians to utilize telemedicine so as to avoid unnecessary patient travel both in-state and out of state.”

With that, the Board has said they will not enforce “any statute, rule, or regulation” that requires physicians to personally examine a patient prior to the issuance of a prescription. This includes controlled substances, and every physician will have access to the Prescription Monitoring Program when a controlled substance is issued and urine drug tests will not be required.

Out-of-state physicians may also utilize telemedicine in treating patients in Mississippi without securing a license to practice medicine in the state. 

This proclamation was ordered and approved Sunday. 


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