Bobby Mitchell: Sweet Rolls

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
August 17, 2020

“In May, we had to make the tough decision to permanently close Sweet Rolls.

"After a year of trials we finally opened on December 6th. We had 24 employees and were doing pretty good. Just making it through our startup phase and excited about spring and spring break. 

“Then COVID and all the mandatory requirements, hit us hard. We didn’t even get a chance to see our sweet spot for foot traffic and the stay at home orders came. 

“We closed up March 15th, never to open back up. We qualified for some PPP and EIDL but the uncertainty of it all and not knowing what was next was enough for us to pull the plug. And here we are in August and we are still at 50 percent capacity in Hattiesburg. 

“We were going to go under no matter what because of all this.

“It sucks, and we never got the grant funds from Mississippi. Where did that $1.4 billion go? Not to our business.”

Bobby Mitchell
Sweet Rolls
Hattiesburg, Mississippi


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