Conservatives Need to Re-Engage

One reason America is suffering is that those who believe in conservative principles stopped fighting after Ronald Reagan left the presidency. Too many wrongly counted on the Republican Party to fight the conservative fight on auto-pilot.

It's as if we thought we had won the war against liberalism when Reagan was elected. But that was only a battle. The war goes on, and if those of us who still believe in liberty don't speak now to the adults and young people in our society about the real principles on which America was built, we will have failed our children and grandchildren by not passing on to them the knowledge and passion necessary for sustaining that legacy of freedom.

The principles of freedom are especially important to articulate now, when people are seeing more clearly the dangers of socialism and the "government is our savior" philosophy. That's why we've reprinted our Governing by Principle primer and are offering it at no cost to you. Order one for you and one to give away at or call 601-969-1300.


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