Conservatives, the journalism school, and freedom of speech at Ole Miss

By William Hall
November 13, 2019

Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, Petition. These are the constitutional rights engraved on the entrance to the Overby Center for Southern Politics and Journalism.

This is a rather ironic inscription for a building which just last week prohibited Daily Wire contributor Elisha Krauss from speaking on behalf of a University chapter of Young America’s Foundation.  

Blocking the event days before it was scheduled, the School of Journalism and New Media cited an unlisted regulation that prohibited “partisan” figures from speaking at the center. 

Following an outcry by conservative student activists and an intervention by Chancellor Glenn Boyce to overrule the initial decision, Krauss will be making her debut on the Ole Miss campus tonight; this time at the newly renovated Student Union.   

While the idea that censoring a career journalist who once served as a senior producer to The Sean Hannity Show and a co-host to the Ben Shapiro Show may feel antithetical to the mission of a journalism school; if you were to understand the current political climate at Ole Miss this would all seem as right as rain. 

These days at Ole Miss, the academic class is evangelical in their pursuit of progressive values; seeking to censor, harass, and nullify the opinions of those students who still carry with them main street values. 

While Boyce deserves credit for reversing the decision of the journalism school, there still is work to be done in promoting free speech on campus as well as addressing institutional biases in departments. 

Maybe that will all start with Krauss reminding Ole Miss the meaning of those five words inscribed on the walls of the Overby Center.


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