Dawn Roy

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
September 2, 2020

"I moved back to Mississippi to be near my mom and stepdad. 

"My plan was to transfer my teaching license because the state reciprocates with Arkansas. I thought it would be easy. 

"When I was trying to transfer, the Board kept saying they never got my transcripts for any of my colleges. It turns out all were there, and I didn’t know at that time. I was upset because it had been over a month, and all my colleges had received my payment and verified my transcripts were sent. I had a job pending for a month which I lost.

"Because of this, I was unemployed for eight months. I finally got the issue resolved and went back to teaching.

"All states claim to have teacher shortages, but they make it impossible to move from state to state. It was never easy. I thought when states reciprocated it was a quick and easy process. It’s not! Every state requires all the same documentation – pay for transcripts from every college you attended, not just where you got your degree, all your Praxis test scores, etc. it cost a lot to be a teacher. Test are about $150 each. And states require different scores even on the same test. 

"When a state says it reciprocates, I was told in 48 to 72 hours I should have my license. That’s far from the truth." 

Dawn Roy
Long Beach, Mississippi


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