Education Freedom comes to Mississippi!

By Douglas Carswell
November 14, 2023

Leading advocates for education freedom are meeting in Jackson, Mississippi, on Wednesday November 15th to push for reform.

Corey DeAngelis, a senior fellow at the American Federation for Children, and one of the most prominent school choice advocates in America, will be joined by Rep Aaron Pilkington, a co-sponsor of the Arkansas LEARNS act.   Also in attendance will be representatives of PragerU and ACE Scholarships.

The Education Freedom event, hosted by the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, will discuss what Mississippi could learn from states that have adopted education freedom.

“Last year, the Republicans in Arkansas used their super majority to undertake major education reform,” explained Douglas Carswell, CEO of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy. 

“Arkansas passed the LEARNS Act, which significantly raised teach pay, frees teachers to teach and gives parents more control over their children’s education.  Could Mississippi achieve something similar?”

“Improving education has got to be the number one priority for anyone interested in a better Mississippi”. 

“I am really pleased that we are joined by Rep Pilkington, one the architects of Arkansas reforms.  He will be explaining how Arkansas achieved strategic change”.

Over the past three years, half a dozen states have enacted education freedom reforms.  Last month, Louisiana elected Jeff Landry governor on a pledge to introduce education freedom reforms.  Alabama is considering similar reforms.

“Mississippi could soon be surrounded on three sides by states that have education freedom.  We need to see a LEARNS Act for our state”.

“I am thrilled that we have over half a dozen different organizations represented at the event.  We need a broad coalition to achieve change”. 


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