Filing Deadline for Elections; MCPP Campaign for Governing by Principle

By Aaron Rice
February 13, 2007

If you've ever thought about running for the Mississippi legislature, now is the time to decide. March 1 is the filing deadline to run in the August primary and the November general election.

To be on the ballot, the process is quite simple. You fill out a form, write a check for 15 dollars, and send it to the state headquarters of your party. If you run as an independent, get 50 signatures of registered voters in your district, have them certified by the county circuit clerk, and send them to the Secretary of State by March 1.

If you want to run because you want to serve, but you don't really know what you would talk about in a campaign, our organization, the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, will help you, through our Campaign for Governing by Principle. Beginning in April, we will send to all candidates information to help you form a philosophical framework for governing. We'll also send some policy ideas to help you form your platform.

So don't let fear of not knowing what to say keep you from running. We can't endorse you or run your campaign, but we can offer ideas for governing by principle. And we'll provide them at no cost to you.


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